Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sister Save-A-Lot: Happy 2,000 Blog Post

One month shy of 2 years of blogging and this is my 2,000 blog post.  I have to say that blogging has changed my life.  Back in August of 2009, I was talking to my friend telling him how I wanted to write a blog about how to shop and save.  He told me that I should do it and it took us 3 months to come up with the name Sister Save-A-Lot.  Looking back, I must say that starting this blog is one of the best decesions I have ever made. 

Blogging is more of a job than a hobbie.  Most of my friends and family members do not realize how much time goes into blogging.  As a deal blogger, you are locked to your computer for extended hours during the day.  I had a reader tell me once that I did not post a great deal. I had to let her know that I have a Full Time Job.  Blogging is part time, but most will think this is all that I do. 

As a single parent mother, I thought that I  had to look at my dollars a tad bit closer than others.  I started this blog for moms just like me.  However, my audiance is more than single parent mothers.  I now have families who read my blog daily. I think that the economy has made others think more about their everyday purchases. 

I want to take this time to thank everybody who has read my blog post, shared my deals, took my class, stopped me in the store or contacted me to teach a coupon workshop.  I appreciate all of you.  I am one person and can't blog all day, but I appreciate that you come back and read what I have to say. There have been a few blogger friends that I want to take the time out and thank them.  Thank you Lala of Deal Fanatic for being my blog role model.  You took the time to give me some pointers and tips and I appreciate you for that.  I want to thank my sister from another mother Caroline of My Coupon Expert for your prayers and word of comfort during the Extreme Couponing craze.  I want to thanks J'amie of , and Chrystie Corns of  I Love to Gossip for being the best "Hot Coupon Chicks" I know.  I love all of these deal bloggers and appreciate them for showing me the ropes on a few things.

I want to thank my family for dealing with me and my dream.  My daughter mini "Sister Save-A-Lot" is #1 in my book and I appreciate her for sharing her mother with the world.  Thanks to my parents for always telling me to dream big and being a great support.  I want to thank my brother and my sister-in-law for listening to me, being great cheerleaders and alwasy suporting me.  My extended family, I appreciate all of you an thank you also.  My wonderfule friends, I love you guys and thanks you also.

Last but not least, I want to thanks Jessica J. for showing me how to coupon.  I took that one shopping trip with you and I took off.  I want to thank the best graphic designer and (best male friend I have ever had in the world), Khalid P.  You have been here since day one and I appreciate all of your time, effort, and support.  Thanks everybody, now let's get back to the deals and see what the next 1,000 blog post will do. 
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  1. Love it! Keep on sharing the good word!!

  2. Congratulations love.... So proud of you!

  3. Love it!!! Congrats and it is true most people do not realize the extent blogging has on someone.

  4. Thanks Katherine, I will be sure to share even more in my next 1,000 post. Thanks so much Raijean, you are a blogger that I look up to and appreciate all of your support in this short time of knowing you.

  5. Congrats sis. keep up the GREAT work that you do on a a daily basis. The city and community appreciate it.


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