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Antoinette is a proud single mother of a 5 year old diva. During the day she works for a large Chicago non-for-profit agency as a youth program coordinator. She lives in a major city where prices are high and deals can be found (if you look for them). Antoinette is passionate on living on less and wants to help others do the same. She teaches coupon workshops in and around Chicago at local churches, community groups, and in home Coupon Parties. Antoinette is also a writer on the award winning blog Chi-Town Moms and is also one of TLC's Extreme Couponers

So why did she start Sister Save-A-Lot blog? Sister Save-A-Lot began when Antoinette was being asked, how she bought items for next to nothing. Her favorite past time is shopping and spending time with her daughter. By not spending much on groceries or everyday necessities, this will provide the income for Antoinette and her daughter to do any activity possible.

Why name my blog Sister Save-A-Lot? Antoinette always shopped using coupons. While on this journey, she do not see a lot of African American women who shop for all types of items using coupons. Antoinette felt that the African American community can benefit from being frugal and have a lot more money; that can be used in other areas in their lives.
What is the goal of Sister Save-A-Lot? The goal of Sister save-A-Lot is to help you save money by sharing the latest coupons, sales and rebates available. By letting Antoinette do the work; you will save time while saving money.

This blog will chronicle my attempts at becoming a Master at Frugal Living. It will also be a tool to teach all, to save and enjoy the smallest things in life.

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  1. Hello Pretty Pretty!! I love the title..and the thought behind it. You are so true and amazing! You are doing an amazing job..!

  2. Hey Lady,
    Its Jen from Diaper Cakes by Suite Peaz/Suite Peaz on Facebook. Just wanted to say good morning and keep up the good work!! Have a great day!!

  3. Gm, Sister-Save-A-lot

    I was wondering if you knew of a supermarket chain that honored doubling and tripling of coupons? I live in NYC, and it's very expensive. I have had a difficult time finding a supermarket that will provide that privilege.

    Also, do you have any suggestions of how to get bulk coupons? A Sister is to fly to go dumpster diving. LOL!!!! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  4. I am new to blogging and have only been seriously couponing for about four months. I to am a woman of color and a single mom. I have been doing really good, but not where u are yet. I look forward to watching you on extreme couponing tonite...and will return to your blog as often as I can.

  5. Hi Antoinette, my name is Jesse Herriott, and my wife(Jessi) and I just saw your taping here in Atlanta and we wanted to say you are one bad Sista :-)....and we are greatful that you are willing to share your knowledge with the world because not everyone that was on the show was willing to share. Keep the faith, Antoinette, and we can't wait to see your television career blossom the more ;-) take care

    from Atlanta, GA--

    Jesse and Jessi Herriott

  6. go girl! i started couponing last month and i'm saving so much money. alot of folks dont use the library to print coupons as i dont have a home computer. One thing i have found to be a pet peeve of mine is when folks say I DONT HAVE ROOM FOR ALL THAT STUFF. WHATEVER!! I always make room for free. Dont forget ladies you can also get great deals at your local dollar general and family dollar stores that take coupons. i use Finish dishwasher product and just so happens family dollar has the quantum product 12 pack $2.40, i had dollar off coupon! cha ching, the shelf is empty now due to my coupons. spread the love, go girl!

  7. I really appreciate you giving me the heads up on savings, I can see now that I have much to learn and to save as well. I'll talk with you soon...
    John A. Brown

  8. Wow I came accross your blog while visiting another blog..WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE???LOL LOL...
    I love your blog,so much info that you share and I'm so happy that your looking out for us sista's!!!!! Thanks for spreading the love,this is now my new spot(blog) to come to on top of my list!! You are the best!!

  9. This is a great blog! Thanks so much for sharing! I love a good deal and can't stand paying full price for anything.


  10. As a married mother of 6 children,you can imagine the expenses I face on a day to day basis. But thanks to you and your blogs and expertise,I have been able to stretch my dollars even more so that it would not be much of a stress on my family. I have learned that using coupons can cause name brand items to cost little to none! Thanks Sister Save a Lot!


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