Thursday, August 25, 2011

Extreme Couponing: Let’s Set the Record Straight

It doesn’t happen too often that I Google my name, but I did this morning and found that my name was mentioned in an article on Jill Cataldo’s blog. The blog talked about why viewer’s transactions were not similar to those who appeared on Extreme Couponing.  I thought it was a good piece, but I wanted to clear the air about one part in my episode.  It has come to my attention that I misused one coupon on the show. During the episode you would think that I argued about the tuna coupon, but in actuality I argued about the Trident gum coupon. All of the confusion surrounding my episode was a result of post editing.

The value of the tuna coupon was $1.50 not $1.00.  The cashier never scanned the tuna coupon; she placed it to the side before she started scanning the coupons.  So I ask that if you are an Extreme or professional couponer that has a question about my episode, please ask me.  I would love to take you back down memory lane when it comes to my episode.  I can’t speak for other shows, but I can speak on mine and inform you on what actually happened. 

If you are a novice couponer, please know that it takes time to do what people did on television.  It took me 7+ days to prepare for my shopping trip.  I did not order any coupons, I actually walked around the store for 2 hours one day just to see the unadvertised sales, and I created my grocery list on items that my family could use. After the show was completed I gave away 80% of the items that I purchased.  Some items went to family and friends, some went to my brother’s job, and the bulk of what I purchased went to Feed-A-Neighbor, a local non for profit organization that feeds and clothes the less fortunate in Chicago, IL.

For a long time I held my tongue when people talked bad about Extreme Couponing, but that ends now.  I like being a single, African-American, mother on Extreme Couponing.  I did the show and started my blog to show people that looked like me that you can save in the large inner city of Chicago.  So in closing, I would hope that my fellow coupon bloggers can unite to teach the country how we save and help our families.  I enjoy teaching people how to save hundreds per month, and I’m sure you all do too. But to unjustly assume someone made a mistake without verifying whether it was true or not is just bad journalism.

I hold no grudge with Jill or anyone else who may have incorrectly critiqued my episode on TLC. I just wanted to clear the air once and for all. If you have any questions or comments please email me or write a comment below. Thanks and happy shopping to you all as you Master Frugal Living.
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  1. Well put! I actually think that your episode was one of the most realistic ones and your grocery trip showed people that not everyone is just buying 50 dish soaps which hey that's fine with me too. There are lots of people in your situation and you are helping tons of people, even me. I'm not a single mom but we are on one income of less than ideal but we make it by the grace of God and his blessings including couponing. Thanks for all you do!

  2. I simply want to say thank you for the information that you share. I started couponing in June and I've saved over $1,800 since I first started. Now I have surplass, enough each month for my family and enough to purchase for my mother-in-law. So I have nothing negative to say. I appreciate you and others that share tips that have helped me to learn how to do likewise. In turn, I'm helping others do the same. Keep it coming! Those that want your help will take.

    Jewel D. Williams

  3. Bravo!!! I used to watch the show and think there is no way I can save anything significant because I live in Chicago and no one doubles coupons here... then I saw your episode and was shocked that you shopped at the same Jewel I do! So the next week I started buying 4 Tribunes and started putting my binder together.. That was 3 months ago and on average I save over 50% on each trip.. I too only buy what my family uses. Last night I went to Walgreens and got $110 worth of stuff for $64.75 and got $23 worth of rewards back. Total out of pocket $41.75. Savings of 62%. I am SOO HAPPY I caught your episode and now follow your blogs!!! As another Working Mom to another! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!

  4. I just started following you last week, and got me a Chicago Defender today so I can go get that Dishwashing liquid for a quarter. I am mad the Dawn coupon came out today. I still could go to Walgreens and get that for $0.49. This week its on sale for $0.99. Nicole Kelly directed me your way.

  5. Well said! I'm so glad I learned about your blog because you have helped me save money. I can't believe people would take time out of their day to zero in on something as trivial as what you mentioned. Keep on sharing these amazing deals!

  6. I really appreciate all that you do and you make couponing such a fun thing as well as save money. I appreciate all the time that you spend on FB and your blog to keep your followers updated. My day is not complete unless I have looked at your FB page. The sad thing about the comment made is that "everybody always got something to say". If you were not such a huge success, nobody would be talking about you! Folks gone always have something to say - keep it moving and keep doing you!!!! Luv ya Sister!


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