Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pep Boys:FREE Brake Inspection & Tire Rotation (My Scary Story)

Where was this coupon last week? On Friday October 7th while I was on my way taking my daughter to school I heard a loud knock. Now I know that there wasn’t someone knocking on my door, but it sounded as if my well had broke off my car. I was two blocks away from my daughter school and I parked and we walked to the front door.
I got back to my car and looked by the wheels and didn’t see anything wrong. Well to make a long story short, my car could not drive due to the fact that my “ball joint” on my front passenger tire snapped.
As a single parent mother who know nothing about cars, I suggest that you print this coupon a take it to your nearest Pep Boys and get a FREE Brake Inspection plus Tire Rotation from Pep Boys with this ----->>> coupon.
I just thank God that I was not on the express way when it snapped. Everyday my daughter and I get on the express way to go to school and work. Take this as a message, things could have been way worst than me spending $112 that it cost to fix it.
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