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Giveaway: Disney on Ice Mickey & Minnie's Magical Journey Family 4 Pack

When you think magical, what’s the 1st things that come to your mind? For me, I think Disney. When I think Disney; I think fairy tale, happy ending stories, and family fun. Every year around September in Chicago, Disney on Ice comes to town. You might wonder how I know this. Well, my daughter’s birthday is September 16th and each year we attend the Disney on Ice event at the United Center.

This year is no different; we are preparing to attend the Disney on Ice Mickey & Minnie's Magical Journey. Disney on Ice will be held in Chicago at the United Center September 7th – 11th. Each year my daughter gets one step closer to being a princess when she attends Disney on Ice in Chicago. If you have followed my blog, you know I am all about Frugal Family Fun. This year I have the pleasure of passing on a great discount that you can use for your family outing.

To help you save on your family outing to the Disney on Ice Mickey & Minnie's Magical Journey shows use the discount code MSQUAD . Tickets are on sale now and if you use the discount code MSQUAD to get $4 off all weekend performances (Friday-Sunday) or 4 tickets for $44 on all weekday performances (Wednesday-Thursday). Performance times vary by day, and the code isn’t valid for front row or VIP seats, no double discounts and limit 6 per order. Tickets are available online at Parking is FREE in all official United Center parking lots.

I also have the opportunity of pairing one Sister Save-A-Lot reader family with a family 4-pack of ticket to Disney on Ice Mickey &Minnie’s Magical Journey and admission to a PRIVATE Meet  Greet on FRIDAY, September 9th with Mickey & Minnie. The winner MUST be able to attend the show on Friday September 9th. 

To enter the giveaways leave a comment telling me your favorite Disney moment as a child or with your child, grand kids, God child, niece or nephew. The giveaway will end on Sunday, September 4th at 6:00 {CST}. The winner will be chosen 9.5.2011 and will have 24 hours to claim their prize. 

FYI: Be sure to leave your e-mail address and name if you are going to comment Anonymous.

Disclosure: Field Entertainment provided the tickets and information for this giveaway. I also received 4 tickets to Disney on Ice Mickey and Minnie Magical Journey for my family; however, all thoughts and opinions here are my own. The winners will be chosen on or around 9.6.2011 through random number generation at The winners will have one days to respond to email notification; Sister Save-A-Lot reserves the right to pick a runner up winner in the event I don’t receive a response.

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  1. I took my 2 daughters to see Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes earlier this year...My 3 year old loves Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and when Aurora came out on the ice my daughter's eyes widened, she jumped up from her seat, and started yelling "Aurora, it's me, it's me...Your best friend Aletheia!" It was such an adorable moment =)

    Dianna T.

  2. I remember when I took my oldest to see Disney on Ice, and how her eyes lit up. I would love the chance to take my youngest to see Disney on Ice and get the same expression. Sydney loves all of the Disney Princess characters and would fall out if she could meet them. Every time she sees a Disney commercial she always asks if she can go there. I tell her one day she will meet them. I have just returned back to work, and this would be a great opportunity for me and my girls. I hope you pick us :-)

    Thanks for the chance,

  3. My favorite Disney memory is of my son who was 5 years old at the time. It was his first trip to Disney World in Florida. We didn't really have to money to for my family to go so we saved as much as we could and we had rummage sales in the summer to make up for the rest. We never told him anything, except for "We are going on vacation" because we wanted to suprise him. Well, when we got on the plane, the flight attendant said to him "Are you going to see Mickey Mouse?" He looked strangely and said "I don't think so, am I Mommy?" I just smiled and nodded my head yes. OMG!!! His expression was priceless!!! HE RAN AND JUMPED AND SCREAMED.....ON THE PLANE!!! Priceless!!! We love anything and everything Disney. Why it's where dreams come true!!! Toya Phillips

  4. I remember going to Disney on Ice as a child and I absolutely loved it!!!! As a matter of fact I saw it in what used to be the Chicago Stadium and I saw what is now the United Center being built. Disney on Ice was one of the last events being held as they finished up with construction on the UC. I always attended shows like this with my dad, who is no longer living. He passed when I was 16 years old. He always treated me like a Princess as a child and this was no different. I remember seeing many of the characters that are now considered classics like Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, & Beauty and The Beast just to name a few. The highlight of trips like this was being able to get one of those light up toys!!!!! I loved spending time with my dad creating memories like this that still ring the best times ever in my head more than 15 years later. I love creating memories with the children in my life now like my nieces, nephews and godchildren and will continue to do the same thing once I have children of my own. Who doesn't love living out dreamsof being a Princess!!!!


  5. My favorite Disney moment was when Disney Princesses came and my 4 year old daughter asked me where Princess Tiana was. She told me that we can't go to any more Disney Princess shows until they have Tiana skating with them also! The white couple next to me agreed with her completely! I love the honesty of children!!! My Princess went on to enjoy herself immensely, even with the absence of her favorite Princess.


  6. My favorite Disney Moment was back in 2005 GKTW sent us to Disney in Fl b/c my youngest was diagnoised with Wilms Tumor (cancer) We got to meet Mickey and Minnie and took pictures (it was priceless) I will never forget what they did for our family.

    Thank you
    Einya Jones

  7. I remember going to see Disney on Ice as a child with my girl scout & church group. However my favorite Disney moment is seeing the Princess and the frog with my daughter. She loves all of the songs from the movie. The very first time that we saw the movie she has trying her best to sing all of the lyrics & now she knows each & every one lol. I love it because she actually has a main character in her image and not just a friend of the main character

  8. My favorite Disney on Ice moment was taking my one and only nephew and 8 year old daughter at the time to see Toy Story on Ice. The show was very enjoyable for both of them and kept their attention the whole time. Not only did they enjoy the Toy Story characters but at the end of the show there was a grand finale of all the Disney characters. My nephew is in love with Mickey Mouse and has every Mickey toy you can name. The look on his face was priceless to see a real-live, up & close Mickey Mouse.
    Erica B.

  9. My favorite Disney moment as a child…

    I always watched Disney movies and wanted to be a Princess and marry a knight in shining armor or Prince charming….Therefore my dad always treated me like his “Princess” considering I was the only child! I remember rain, sleet, or snow my dad would take me to see Disney on Ice. At that time my Dad worked at Chicago Sun Times and would purchase discounted corporate tickets if he didn’t get tickets from the company, and I was ecstatic knowing without a doubt I was going to Disney on Ice. Although my mom and dad wasn’t together they would make it a priority to take me to the show together. I felt like a Princess for the day I had my mom and dad and most importantly I had a chance to see Mickey and Minnie! My favorite was Beauty and the Beast, just to see the movie come to life was enough to make my day!!!!! I had to have the glow in the dark stick (sword stick), a snow ball with the collectible Disney cup, the Show book with all the details on the cast and show, and anything else they had to remind me of the Greatest show ever until next year….Every time I see the commercials I instantly think of my childhood and the time to come with my “baby” on the way!!!!! Every girl deserves to be a “Princess” and experience Disney on Ice!!!!!! I will forever be grateful for Disney and I still watch the movies to this day!!!!!! That’s why I went to Disney World twice just to see Mickey and Minnie!!!! Guess everyone still have a little kid in them! ;)

    Nequonda Tobias

  10. My name is Franshika McGowan and I have an 8yr old daughter named Andrea Green. Andrea is a big fan of all Disney Characters, some of her favorites include Lilo & Stitch, Cinderella and most of all Mickey&Minne Mouse. Her bedroom is filled with Disney Decor and all her pajamas sets are designed with disney characters. When she turned 6, I surprised her and her friend to a trip to Disney World in Florida where we stayed for 11days, she was ecstatic! She was literally in tears and thanked me so very much because she got to see all the disney characters as well as get their autographs. One of the nights while at Disney World, we went to visit the Magic Kingdom where she was able to dress up as Ariel & Cinderella and interract with them, this was the happiest time of her life. That night when it became dark, as we await the Magic Kingdom magical event ,where the castle lights up with beautiful colors as we watch she turned to me and said "Mommy thank you so much for this, i love disney and im so happy to be here i dont ever want to leave". The feeling was very gratifying for me and her facial expression lit up, that very moment was priceless for me and worth all the money that we had spent!

  11. we took our daughter to see disney on ice about 5yrs ago. We took a nice family picture. I was pregnant in the picture with my son, so now everytime he looks at it he says he was there too. It still make me smile

  12. A year ago, my daughters school gave us tickes to go see the Disney Princess on Ice. This was our first family outting since my son became gravely ill. For months and months we moped around the house and restricted ourselves as a family to just focusing on the needs of our baby. Reluctantly, we went to see the disney princesses on ice (myself, husband and daughter). We walked to our seats and my daughter still seemed a bit sad. I asked her what was wrong and she said "I wish my baby brother could have come." The lights then turned off and it was as if my daughter was in her own world. The first story came and she was just so happy. The entire time her energy was high she kept hugging me and my husband. It was so refreshing to see my daughter happy again. She had so much emotion with every story when the evil witch gave snowwhite the apple my daughter started screaming! She lasted to the very end and as we walked out my daughter said. I'm not sad any more. My baby brother is going to be okay and he's going to be the bestest ever prince of our family and I'm going to be the most beautiful princess of our family and were going to Disnely land!!!! I looked at my husband like "uhhh ohh" we laughed and then she talked our ears off all the way home. That is a night I will NEVER forget. We still have our pictures, so much fun!

    Jennifer White

  13. My favorite Disney moment with my children is when I took them years ago to see Toy Story On Ice. I splurged and bought front row tickets .. the look on their faces was absolutely priceless. I will never forget it!

    Anne Hansen-Smith

  14. As a child I always wanted to attend any Disney function, but having a single mom with three children I never got to go. My mom was a hardworking woman who got us what we needed not always what was wanted. I admired her for that. Now as a parent of a 4yr old myself, I want her to experience alot of the things I never did. She has never been to one of these productions. I took my niece before I had my daughter, I realized I was more excited than she was. I would love to take my baby but right now it's not in my budget. I have been trying to figure a way to make it happen. Hopefully I win and we make it, if not I will definetly make it a plan for next year.

  15. My favorite Disney moment happened last year when I took my 2 daughters to disney world for the first time. They were only 1 and 2, but as soon as we entered MGM, they were so happy and clapping. My oldest ran right up to Minnie and gave her a hug! We are going to disney world again this year, and they get so excited just talking about it!

  16. My best moment is actually when I took my kids,two yrs ago and my daughter ask me could we take her friend and her brother because never go anywhere. And me be the kind person I am, I got their mother permission and they was so excited I bought them all a magic light up wand. And when I took them home,they all gave me a hug and said thank you. I had tears, lol.

  17. My greatest Disney memory is going to see Disney on Ice every year as a child with my family. This would be the one big event that my entire family came together for, aunts, uncles, cousins from all around Illinois would come in town for one weekend to experience the magic and what a magical experience it was. My family has never been big on family reunions but the magic of Disney on Ice always brought us together and I cherish this memory because I can always picture the entire family beaming with excitement as we pulled up to the old Stadium. This joyous tradition continues now as I take my own babies to the United Center yearly, surprising them with the wonderful world of Disney!

    Shayla McIntosh

  18. One of may favorite disney moments as there are many with my 2 year old being in love with her Pal Mickey. I may have to tell about two but the best was when her mom bought her Dancing Mickey for christmas. She had open about 3 gifts which she was having mored fun ripping the paper off. But she handed her the mickey she ripped into the papera open the top of the box. I guess she realize Mickey was in the she looked in the box took 2 step back look again and yedlled that's mickey. We had to force her to open the other toy as she didn't care about anything else after she got her mickey.

  19. My favorite moment at Disney was when my 5 year old son gave Mickey the biggest hug. He just couldn't stop smiling.

  20. Honestly my son just turned three, we have yet made any memories of a Disney adventure, unless you count watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on television everyday?! He loves Mickey!!! We just celebrated his third birthday and the theme was Mickey!! So our memories so far are of his third birthday, I even made him a Mickey cake :) Thank you for this chance to begin making Disney memories!! My son would be talking about the show day after day for sure!

    Emily H.

  21. My favorite Disney moment was dancing in a Christmas parade at Disney World. I have a son and he LOVES Mickey!! He's never seen anything like this and would be so excited! I remember seeing the Jungle Book on ice with my dad and it was great, it was also only 6 years ago. lol

  22. I have never been to Disney World/Land or seen of the Disney shows so this would be great for me and my son.

    However, my favorite Disney moment would be watching the Lion King with my son. It was the first non-Pixar type film he had seen and he loved it. Especially the songs.

  23. My daughter and I have countless Disney Moments !! Since she was a toddler, we watched disney movies together. When she was about 3 and figured out how to play the vcr, she would watch Snow White all day !!! For the past 5 years, we have attended every Disney on Ice. But,the biggest memory is when I took her to Disney World for the first time 2 years ago. I've never seen her eyes get so big with seeing all the characters. She had her autograph book and we spent a whole 3 days going park to park looking for charcaters so she could get an autograph & pictures. Those memories, priceless !!




  25. WOW, well my daughter is only 4, so her first real princess experience was with Princess Tianna. It was like magic for her, we went to the preview of the movie, she wore her princess costume, complete with wand, shoes, and tiara,oh and dont forget the mini frog LOL. Also last year we saw disney on ice, and she fell in love with Minnie (I know she is not a actual princess but she is Mickey's princess)she still has her ears from last years performance and we are not allowed to touch them under any circumstances.

    Our goal at this point is to get her to Disney World I am sure that would send her over the top. Good luck to all of those trying to win tickets!

  26. Some more great Disney moments! We are a Disney crazy family but if I had to pick one it's the first time my kiddies meet Snow White! It was love from the moment my son eyes meet her's and my daughter was the most happy to meet Snow White ever ver Mickey :)

  27. My favorites moment comes every family have been attending since my eldest was son born, 23 yrs ago. September 23 is his birthday & every year he EXPECTS the same gift...TICKETS TO DISNEY, but the real joy is now we are taking his son!!!


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