Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Year Yater (Happy 1 Year Blog Birthday)

Today is a big day in my book. It is the One Year Anniversary of my 1st Blog Post. A year ago, I was always talking about writing a blog to teach my friends and family how to save when they shop. Well, I can tell you this; not all of my friends and family members are coupon users, but they have been very supportive of my blog and Sister Save-A-Lot business.  They make an effort to let me know when they save on an item or get a mysterious Register Reward at Walgreens.

This year has been professionally a GREAT one, but personally a CRAPPY one. I have grown in my blogging skills and I have also grown in my 9-5 job into a bigger and better position. As far as my personal life, I am still single and will continue to write about "Dating a Frugal Girl'.  I had to learn this year that some friendships are not worth holding on to. Another lesson that I had to learn is that blogging can’t be my main priority. I love blogging, but the reality is that I have a 4 year old and a full time job.

For some people, blogging is a top priority. They may generate a little income, and they are pretty good at it. For me, blogging and letting people know about great deals is therapeutic. This may sound like a cliché, but “I sleep well knowing that a mom was able to save more money by using coupons”. I have learned that couponing isn’t for everyone and some of the dates that I went on this past year don't like them either.   I have been on a few dates this year and was told that if I used a coupon on a date, they wouldn’t call me back. Let’s just say that they didn’t have to call me back. :-)

On Facebook, I informed my “LIKERS” that I was going to have a giveaway when I reached 1,000 blog posts and 1,000 “LIKES”. This will still happen. I was trying my best for this to happen by today, but real life once again kicked in. My daughter had a bad fever over the weekend and today is her 1st day back to school. As a single mom, when your kid is sick, you have to shut down everything else and rise to the call of duty. With my daughter being well, I am back in the swing of things and will continue to blog.
Now let’s thank a few people . . . .

I have had support from a lot of people this past year and I want to thanks them. I apologize in advance if I missed anybody.  Thanks to Khalid for creating my blog, business cards and other projects that I e-mail you. You have been one of my biggest supporters and I know that Sister Save-A-Lot would not be here without you. Thank you to Jessica J., you have taught me what I know as far as being s super couponer. I greatly appreciate you. Thank you Tracy, my sister-in-law; you were my 1st student and along the way we have had some coupon highs and lows that we both shared with each other. I can’t wait until 2011 and you get back on the coupon train. I have to thank my mother for encouraging me to continue with my blog and business when I felt like letting it go.  Thank you for creating my coupon class folders and other marketing materials. Big thanks to my brother who says he doesn't use coupons, but knows a lot about them. I also have to give a big thanks to Candle Addictions.  They have been a big supporter of me from the day that we met.  I can't wait until 2011 and we both get "Closer to our Dreams".  To my sister Save-A-Lot fans, you are the best. Over this year, I have had so many people share my blog post on Facebook, Twitter and even e-mailing their whole office. To my close friends and family members,  I thank you guys for always being there when I didn't have any followers, fans or "Likes".  With out you spreading the word about this blog, I wouldn't be here. 

Blog Friends. . . .

This year when I went on vacation, I got a chance to meet “The Deal Fanatic” and her family. I am not sure if you know this, but I really do look up to you and the work that you do on all of your blogs. I appreciate you being a guide for me and your continuous supporter. This year, I also got a chance to work with “Lovin’ Life on Less”, it has been my pleasure of working with you and I wish you the best of luck with your new blog. No matter what your next journey in the blog world would be, you have your 1st follower. My last and final blogger is ‘A Proverbs Wife”, I must say that your blog is inspirational, and have some of the best deals a girl can find. I look up to you for being a parent who is homeschooling your kids, a wife, and blogger. This shows me that when God sends me my mate, I too cal do all of those things.
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